ESSENCE MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE: CeCe Winans Returns With Joyous, Uplifting ''Lowly"


Winans is set to release her first album in nine years and judging by the new track, it's going to be an epic return.

It's been nine years since CeCe Winans blessed us with an album. Hers was a noticeable absence, not only from gospel music, but from music in general. Winans has influenced numerous artists, performed a duet with the late Whitney Houston, and laid the groundwork for a number of gospel acts.

Now, there's new work on the horizon.

Winans' new album Let Them Fall In Love is set to drop in February, but in the meantime, we have an exclusive track from the highly anticipated release––a joyful return for the gospel queen. 

"Lowly" is vibrant and uplifting, a song about wisdom and humility. "Whenever I think of 'Lowly,' I think of the live show," said Winans.

"We're going have so much fun with that. I like to create different dances, and the dance we do on that song I could see us doing it for an hour straight. For me, it's like something that I would sing to young people to use wisdom. Humility is always the way to take. 'Lowly' has a power for everybody. In the low road, there's wisdom. There's healing. Pride is one of those things that will mess you up––relationships, it'll mess you up in careers, in any area of life whenever you allow pride to come in. I don’t care who you are or where you come from or what you did, humility is a great way to live your life. It's like a mom telling her son not to get too big for his britches."