ALL-ACCESS: 10 Questions with ... CeCe Winans

1. Brief History/Synopsis

I was born in Detroit, MI on October 8, 1964. I attended McDowell Elementary School; Beaubien Middle School (closed in 2008) and Mumford High. Prior to my singing career I had my own hair salon after attending Cosmetology School.

2. What does a normal day at home look like for you?

I have no normal! My Wednesdays consists of morning prayer, church meetings, interviews and dinner with my husband.

3. What's the song that you just can't get out of your head right now?

I absolutely love the musical delivery of Travis Green - he has an amazing song called "You Made a Way" it's a great song and everything flows beautifully.

4. How much do you travel, what are the challenges? How do you juggle life on the road with wanting to be home?

My travel schedule depends if I have project out or not. Right now, my schedule is non-stop because my new album drops on February 3rd. Now that I'm pastoring a church along with my husband, I have to try and balance my schedule even more. Having my priorities are straight is key. I take care of myself health wise and make sure I'm not away from my husband too much. It's a constant act of adjustments to make sure everything is covered.

5. What Artist or Pastor has had the greatest impact on you, and why?

I think Bishop I.V. Hilliard (New Light Christian Center in Houston, TX ) would be a person who has impacted my life greatly. Bishop Hilliard's teaching on faith and his life example of living by faith and not by sight has been empowering. As far as music goes, Andrae Crouch has been influential to, not only me, but my entire family. We all stand on his shoulders, because he opened many doors for the gospel music to walk through. The musical sound and style of Andrae Crouch competed with all genres of music.

6. What's the last book you read?

The last book I read was Supernatural Leadership by Pastor Cesar Castellano. It encouraged me to believe in the impossible and it increased my faith. I love to read books that builds my faith.

7. Funniest or most embarrassing moment on the road?

I remember being on tour with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith and our bus was always freezing cold. I could talk and see the air coming out of my mouth. I like it hot and they like it cold. We had to do some major negotiating on the bus temperature to make it through the tour. Fun times though...

8. Take me thru a couple songs on your latest project, "Let Them Fall In Love".

The title cut of the CD is also the closing song on the disc. My prayer is that it will touch the heart of people. I want everyone who hears the song to fall in love with Jesus Christ. Even though it's not out yet, I have received great feedback from people that have heard the song. Their lives have changed for the better. "Hey Devil" is an up-tempo, high-powered tune that features the dynamic Clark Sisters. We had great time recording this song. High energy level for sure!

9. What organization/service group are you affiliated with?

I've been affiliated with World Vision for many years. I love the organization because of what they do and what they represent. I've been able to see them work in action and the global impact they're making on people from every walks of life.

10. Person you'd most like to have a discussion with, living or dead.....Deities are excused from this question.

I've always admired and appreciated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I would love to say thank you for all he sacrificed so we could have a better life.

Bonus Questions

1. Favorite Bible verse?

My favorite Bible verse is Phil 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It's my favorite verse because whenever I feel like giving up it encourages me to keep going on.

2. How & when did you become a believer?

I became a believer at a very young age, we were always in church. I was introduced to the Word by my parents, but my personal relationship with Jesus started when I was 12 years.

3. What's the biggest "God moment" you've ever experienced? Personally or professionally, when has

God shown up in a powerful way?

I don't have to give this question much thought at all. When my older brother Ronald was brought back to life. He had a massive heartache and during surgery he actually died for four or five minutes, but God miraculously brought him back to life, again. Nothing has been able to top that experience for me or my family.